Developer Training Program ‘T2D2’
'Developer Co-build Program' with a big 10 million RMB reward

We has officially launched DApp Funding Program with 10 million RMB incentives for developers from all over the world.

Developer Incentive Program

From Jan 29, 2019 to Mar 29, 2019, the ‘Developer Incentive Program’ with a total reward of $50,000 worth of WICC launched by WaykiChain have completed successfully. We have received great attention and collected 109 submissions for the tasks from the candidates from over 29 countries and regions. In this campaign, about 20 developer winners including individuals and teams were rewarded. The awards result was announced on WaykiChain official Medium.
We also opened its ‘developer center’ in English and Chinese for the developers around the world.

WaykiChain & Developers Online-Meetup

We held an online meet up with community developers. WaykiChain’s head of Blockchain R&D, Water Xiao, along with the head of overseas marketing, Sissi Wong, answered the technological questions from our community developers and detailedly introduced about WaykiChain’s DApp incentive funding program.

Off-line Training Course‘Blockchain Preschool’

The first off-line training course of ‘Blockchain Preschool’ was opened, in which WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen and head of Blockchain R&D, Water Xiao have an academic communication with students.
‘Blockchain Preschool’ is launched for talents introduction strategy of WaykiChain ecosystem development by providing most professional blockchain technology and the latest blockchain knowledge.

Wallet Plug-in 'WaykiMax' for Web

The Wallet Plug-in ‘WaykiMax’ for web as part of T2D2 Program was launched.WaykiMax plug-in perfectly connects the browser sand WaykiChain,allow ingusersto interact with WaykiChain DApp.
WaykiMax has the wallet feature that allows users to manage their account information,add token,check balance, create/import/export mnemonics,transferWICC,etc.Meanwhile,by calling the API, third-party web developers can develop web applications based on WaykiChain.