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By fully integrating the characteristics of the decentralizated ledger, distributed database, smart contract, programmable digital currency, as well as the value transfer protocol, WaykiChain will help to build and develop a new business model which belongs to the information society and is totally different with the industrial society. WaykiChain will thoroughly subvert three traditional industries worthy of several hundred billions of dollars,including the financial industry in terms of the assets trading and decentralization methods,the foreign currency exchange market in terms of the acceptance method, and the bet industry in terms of the old and tedious business model.


Automatic return decentralization sent by contract

  • Reliablity: Blockchain technology endorsement

  • Transparency: Public game information

  • Profitable return: Low operating expenses make the yield as high as 99%

Asset Exchange

Freely publish and exchange asset

  • Diversity: Multi-forms of asset supported

  • Equity: Distributed operation structure

  • Fair opportunity: Everyone is welcome to participate

Foreign Exchange

Peer-to-peer foreign exchanges allowed by WaykiChain

  • Low Cost: Low transaction cost

  • Timeliness: Almost real-time information exchange

  • Convenience: Diversed currencies support

Fair betting result

Betting amount transparency

1.Based on blockchain technology, every bet on WaykiBetting is public and searchable, with the characteristic that records cannot be manipulated.

2.Every sport game result follow the official webite, to ensure the result authority; Every game betting payment, is calculated by the underlying blockchain algorithm, to ensure the payout is absolutely fair, with the characteristic that records cannot be manipulated.

99% total Return

Highest payout in the market

1.WaykiBetting has the lowest operational cost using the decentralization structure supported by blockchain technology, which allows nobody in market to compete with.

2.After the game results released, smart contract will execute the distribution of payout automatically according to the released results.


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